Investment 'Influencers' are on the rise, BNI AM asks regulators to be disciplined

Selasa, 19 Maret 2024

Investment 'Influencers' are on the rise, BNI AM asks regulators to be disciplined

JAKARTA, - Investment Director of BNI Asset Management (BNI AM) Putut Endro Andanawarih appealed to novice investors to be wiser in choosing references for investing, following the increasing number of recommendations submitted by a number of influencers on social media.
According to him, young investors need to be wiser in choosing which guidelines to follow. Apart from that, they also need to pay attention to the fundamentals of investment assets which can be seen from the company's performance.

“We need market maturity, investors must look at (influencers') track records. You need certification and experience. "Because people with lots of followers don't always say what's right," said Putut to at the BNI Asset Management office, Jakarta, Thursday (14/3/2024).

He believes that currently market players, especially young investors, are in the follow through phase, where they invest based on the behavior of other people, including influencers. Meanwhile, influencers only show the positive side of investing in the capital market.

“You have to look at both sides. Now young people are also buying Bitcoin. "Not because of fundamentals but because of follow through," he explained.

For this reason, he asked regulators, in this case the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI), to intervene to discipline influencers without certification, who provide stock recommendations and promise returns to investors. In fact, said Putut, an investment manager who is certified and licensed by the OJK is prohibited from promising returns.

  "Regulators should intervene, I feel sorry for young investors who are preparing retirement funds but suddenly fall into the trap," he concluded. (CR-4).