BNI Asset Management Reveals that SBN and Crypto are Disrupting Mutual Fund Investors

Senin, 18 Maret 2024

BNI Asset Management Reveals that SBN and Crypto are Disrupting Mutual Fund Investors

JAKARTA, - The prediction that in 2023 mutual funds will grow again has not yet fully occurred. A number of investment assets such as government securities (SBN) and Indonesian retail bonds with high coupon rates are considered to be disrupting investors' choices. Crypto assets are also said to have the same role as SBN.

  This was acknowledged by the Investment Director of BNI Asset Management, Putut Endro Andanawarih. He said that this was likely due to disruption from other investment alternatives that were increasingly circulating, such as crypto, SBN Retail, which provided greater returns.

  "If we talk domestically, I think there are other investment alternatives. Crypto one thing, ORI too. "One reality makes it possible (mutual funds) won't be attractive," he said in a talk with last week, Thursday (14/3/2024).

  Putut himself expressed his belief that in the future there will be a return to balance, when investors will look for investment instruments that can be calculated fundamentally.

  "Not all investors know that there is potential here (mutual funds)," said Putut.

  For your information, as of January 2024, managed funds from 93 investment managers in Indonesia have reached IDR 816.19 trillion. From this value, in the 2014-2017 period AUM (Assets Under Management) or funds managed by mutual funds grew 13.3% per year, however this value decreased 4.9% per year in the last three years.

On the same occasion, he explained that BNI AM had prepared a stock index-based investment product, which was able to replicate the growth that occurred in the index. Not without reason, apart from the hype among index mutual fund products abroad, this product is also a bridge for investors who want to experience the attractive growth produced by the shares included in the index.

“The growth of index funds in Indonesia is also high. With index mutual funds, investors have the opportunity to buy stock indexes. The contents are replaced 4 times a year. We will know that the IDX 30 contains the 30 largest issuers. "This simplicity is liked by investors so that it grows big, and management costs are also very efficient," said Putut.

For this reason, currently BNI AM is aggressively introducing index-based stock mutual funds through several literacy programs. BNI AM also has 8 index fund products which are members of the Family of Index, which allows investors to easily switch to the index fund they like.

"So, for example, if a customer says they don't want a high dividend because the economy is better, if they want to look for a growth (based) one, that's fine. "From (index based on) growth, suddenly you want to be defensive again, so go back to IDX30," he said. (CR-4).