Short Duration Bonds Index - Class R1

NAB Per Unit


Rabu, 24 April 2024
1 Month 1 Year
-1.08% 3.05%

Daily Performance Chart

Denomination Rupiah (Rp)
Minimum balance Rp.10.000
Investment Switching Fee Max. 2 %
Types of Mutual Funds Fixed Income Index
Max. Redemption & Switching fee 10% of total NAV
Cost management Investment Manager: Max. 3% per Year
Custodian Bank: Max. 0.25% per Year
Yield Potential High
Resale Fee Max. 2 %
Purchase Fee Max. 2 %
Portfolio Composition Minimum 80% & maximum 100% of Net Asset Value on debt securities issued by the Government of the Republic of issued by the Government of the Republic Indonesia offered through a Public Offering and traded on Indonesia Stock Exchange originating from a
Index maintenance fee If there is
Investment Period Long-term

Explanation :

The table above is a brief feature about the product. For more details, please read the prospectus or Fund Fact Sheet for BNI-AM Mutual Fund Products.

Investment Objectives:

BNI-AM Short Duration Bonds Index - Class R1 aims to obtain an increase in investment value that is equivalent to the performance of the BNI-AM Short Duration Bonds Index. 







"Investing through Mutual Funds carries risks. Prospective investors must read and understand the prospectus before deciding to invest through Mutual Funds. Past performance does not reflect the future."